Social Media Success

We know that you have heard it a hundred times, but we will say it again: “Any company that wants to grow must actively participate in social media.” However, posting weekly or daily content and answering subscriber questions is sometimes not enough. . Every brand needs to dominate the social network in its own way. To do this, brands must act in different ways. Then, as a social media agency, we decided to share with you six ways in which six brands can succeed on social media:

A sensible response: Skyscanner’s Facebook account became a “city talk” in the last week of August 2016, as the response to one of the subscribers was surprising. For those who don’t know, Skyscanner is a search engine for airlines, hotels and car rental companies. Back in history, one of his users found a disturbing suggestion while looking for a flight. So he left a “sarcasm” comment on Facebook and wanted to know what it was. What happened next was definitely beyond expectations.

Skyscanner didn’t apologize for his mistakes, but responded to the complaint with a series of interesting and clever answers that collected thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments that completed this great victory in a matter of hours. . On the Internet.

Impressive social network: With more than 1.2 million fans on Instagram, Airbnb is not only good for collecting fans, but actually “the best global influence on Instagram (curtidas no instagram).” This title is not awarded by our digital agency, but is the Social Media Award from the 2016 Shorty Awards. The reason for this recognition is that it can take advantage of Instagram’s core values ​​by publishing interesting visual content. When looking for a holiday home, people usually decide based on the picture. This is the social media strategy Airbnb attracts subscribers and users.

Contacts: Contacting people is an effective way to become known and dominate social networks. Nivea’s activity on Twitter is a good example. This beauty brand is looking for people who solve skin problems through personalized advice. In order to find such a problem, Nivea only used the Twitter search function without following a specific topic tag. Sometimes you don’t have to think too much or spend a budget to promote your brand, and smart moves can help you do that.

Motivating people from all over the world: Dove is another great example of social media success, just trying to make the world a better place. How, from time to time, Dove releases a new online video ad to help women feel good and whenever their videos spread. Each campaign is associated with a personalized theme tag that allows users to connect directly to brands and tasks. Its “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” campaign has been the most eye-catching online ad ever, with YouTube alone reaching more than 163 million viewers. The impact of this activity has led millions of people to share positive and positive information behind them.

User-generated content: Camera company GoPro uses social media strategies based on user-generated content to promote its products. In other words, images and videos are sent by the consumer themselves to show the functionality and experience of their products. According to users who want to promote GoPro products, the brand is very interactive. In 2015, the number of GoPro users on Instagram (curtidas no instagram) reached 6 million, making it the fourth most attractive brand on social networks.

According to the latest news: Don’t we like Oreo? Whether you have a cookie or your presence on a social network, cookie companies do a good job. We all know how Oreo knows, so we will turn to your online display. In fact, Oreo created one of the most successful social media events in history. How to celebrate 100 years, Oreo has released 100 new Facebook posts for 100 days, inspired by the latest news. Each publication shared an average of more than 1,400 times, and the participation rate increased by 195%, attracting more than one million Facebook fans. Another good example of how to take advantage of the latest news is its real-time publication “You can take risks in the dark at any time”. The bowl has been retweeted more than 15,000 times.

In a world of growing digital competition, brands must focus on uniqueness. If you wish to improve it, please contact our social media agency to develop an effective strategy or activity in this area.